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Dozza the painted walls

Not far from Bologna, passing through our typical countryside and rolling hills are many hamlets, fortresses and beautiful villas... each rich in history! A guided tour is also a way to catch any detail, sometimes hidden in a narrow alley... and to remember the best moments. I selected for you the village of Dozza where middle age and contemporary art fits together. Dozza is situated 27 km south-east from Bologna. With origins dating back to the Bronze Age, and has a very complete history but I will emphasize the period from Caterina Sforza, XV°, who received the fortress , until the last Heir of the families Malvezzi-Campeggi. Since renaissance, nearly nothing changed in the small hamlet. I said nearly nothing…

THE PAINTED WALLS I am not guiding you in a typical medieval hamlet with fortress and walls.. Dozza is also a veritable open-air art gallery featuring over 90 stunning frescoes. Walking along the borgo and its two streets, I will tell you about artists and works that changed the façades of Dozza. Art, an integral part of the urban landscape, decorates the walls of each house, street and square, suggestively lighting up every angle of the hamlet, making Dozza significant for its art as well as its history. More precisely, it hosts the biennial art festival of the Muro Dipinto (Painted Wall), a unique September event in which artists paint the walls of the houses “live” with a public audience. The participation of teachers such as Matta, Saetti, Sassu, Licata, Purificato, Brindisi, confirm this international event. Over 200 artists have taken part in the last editions. Some of the frescoes have been “peeled” from the walls and are now preserved in the Pinacoteca (Art Gallery) inside the Rocca. We will finish our visit with the Fortress and its amazing modernity ( torture room excepted!) and, if you wish, have a wine tasting in the amazing regional wine store “oenoteca” situated in the cellar.


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