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Classic tour

The territory around Bologna is mainly made of plains, which means clay. A poor material in comparison with marble from close Tuscany, and though, the 'Terra cotta' became an important element in local architecture, decorating curious palaces and churches.

For what concerns sculpture, Terra cotta made the artists able to reproduce the fabrics effects, the movements and the psychological attitudes with an incredible sense of realism. That is the reason why cooked clay became very soon the favourite material for great artists, especially during the XV° and XVI centuries.

In Bologna, it is said that a sculptor used to ‘add on’ instead of ‘taking away’ . Telling you about Nicolò dell’Arca, Alfonso Lombardi and others, I will lead you in a particular itinerary : The outstanding deposition of Christ in Santa Maria della vita , also called the ‘shout’ because of the impressive, desperate Magdalena’s attitude ; The realistic statues composing the ‘Funeral of Maria’ ;

The façade of the Holy Spirit Oratory is an excellent example of our typical emilian art of Terra cotta ; The Palazzo Communal, the Saints protectors of Bologna, and all the small heads looking at you on the Santo Stefano’s Square… many other details, sometimes hidden but so important will make your visit very Red !

Bologna the red : masterpieces made of 'terra cotta' 2 hours tour



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.You can book your visits at any time

.Entries and transportation are never included in the cost of the visit

.Duration 3 hours

.To visit the churches a proper attire is required.

.The program can be modified according to the closing days of the museums and monuments


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